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Aircraft dismantling & recycling

Service groupAviation Services
Service CodeDCA-M-SERV-09
Service NameAircraft dismantling & recycling
Service DescriptionIssuing approvals for aircraft dismantling and recycling
Service StructureMain
Dealing Categories  Business (Private Sector)(G2B)
Sub-ServicesNot applicable​
Service Delivery ChannelsWebsite
Number of Steps / Duration5 Steps / 8 days 90 minutes
Required Documents
  • RAK DCA aircraft dismantling and recycling form

  • Copy of Economic Department license

  • Official request from company stating the specifications of the Aircraft to be dismantled and recycled.

  • Deregistration Certificate of the aircraft from the state of registry

  • NOL from GCAA for foreign registered Aircraft, if registration is A6 please ignore this step by fulfilling the requirement in step 4.

  • Copy of license to Conduct Regulated Activity with Nuclear Material Dismantling Company issued by FANR.

  • NOL from Airport

  • NOL from local environment authority

  • Inventory of dispose scrap parts and materials

  • Method of dismantling & Recycling

  • End-user Acceptance Letter.
Forms Used

​​RAK DCA aircraft dismantling and recycling form

FeesAircraft dismantling & recycling (5000 , 7500, 10000 AED) depending on the weight of the aircraft
Service RelationLinked (a license issued by the Federal Authority for Nuclear Regulation (FANR)
Partner Institutions
  • Federal Authority for Nuclear Regulation (FANR)

  • RAK EPDA Department

  • Ras Al-Khaimah International Airport

  • General Authority of Civil Aviation
Terms of ServiceThe company must have a license issued by the Federal Authority for Nuclear Regulation and EPDA Department
Main Output of ServiceNOC
Available Additional ServicesHospitality
Service Performance IndicatorsNumber of aircraft that were safely dismantled annually
Service ClassificationProcedural
systems usedEMAIL ​​​​
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