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Landing Permission

Service groupAviation Services
Service CodeDCA-M-SERV-02
Service NameLanding Permission
Service DescriptionIssuing approvals to allow aircraft to land in Ras Al-Khaimah
Service StructureMain
Dealing Categories
  • Business (Private Sector)(G2B)
  • Engine Test Permit
  • Aircraft Repainting
Service Delivery ChannelsWebsite
Number of Steps / Duration3 Steps / 35 minutes
Required Documents
  • Aircraft documents (license certificate, registration certificate, insurance certificate, noise level certificate, equipment permit in the aircraft, technical specifications of radio equipment, air operator certificate with operational specifications, mention of the area of operations or geographical boundaries from which you will fly The plane.
  • Letter of pledge from the maintenance company
  • Technical Compliance Statement (Accreditation from the European Aviation Safety Authority)
  • On-board equipment certificate
Forms Used--
FeesLanding permission (free of charge)
Service RelationNot linked
Partner InstitutionsRas Al-Khaimah International Airport
Terms of Service--
Main Output of ServiceLanding permission
Available Additional Services-
Service Performance IndicatorsNumber of issued permits​​
Service ClassificationProcedural​​
systems usedMS Office​​
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