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Company Registration

Service groupPermit services
Service CodeDCA-M-SERV-01
Service NameCompany Registration
Service DescriptionRelated companies in the field of aviation apply to register a company in the Department of Civil Aviation, Ras Al-Khaimah to be allowed to apply for all available services in the Department
Service StructureMain
Dealing Categories
  • Government (G2G)
  • Business (Private Sector)(G2B)
  • Crew overstay
Service Delivery ChannelsWebsite
Number of Steps / DurationSteps 7 / 29 minutes
Required Documents
  • Company letter

  • Copy of the commercial license issued by economic development

  • Company Registration Form
Forms UsedCompany Registration Form
FeesAED 500
Service RelationNot linked
Partner Institutions--
Terms of Service--
Main Output of ServiceCompany Registration Permit
Available Additional ServicesHospitality
Service Performance IndicatorsNumber of registered companies​​​​​​​
Service ClassificationProcedural​​​​​​​
systems usedACMS​​​​​​​​​
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